State Tournament Umpires
Dave Albea - Indiana District 6
Dave is from Anderson, Indiana. His Little League umpiring resume includes the 2019 and 2022 Junior League Softball Central Regional and numerous district and state tournaments. David has served for 28 years as a Little League and high school umpire.
Tom Berry - Indiana District 6
Tom lives in Anderson, Indiana. He has been a Little League Volunteer for over 40 years, spanning 6 decades. He has served as a coach, vice president umpire in chief and a Central Region Volunteer Team Host. Tom has umpired the following state tournaments. (1) Minor Baseball 8-10 year-old, (3) Major Softball and (1) Junior Softball.
Monte Bottoms - Indiana District 6
Monte resides in New Castle, Indiana. He has been umpiring for over 40 years as a Little League Volunteer Umpire. He has umpired at various levels of baseball and softball during his career including various district tournaments over the last few years. Monte umpired his first state tournament last year in Major Baseball.
David Dickey - Indiana District 6
David lives in Chesterfield, Indiana. He has provided his services as a Little League Volunteer Umpire for 48 years. He has attended the Little League Umpire School in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, umpired numerous Little League Baseball and Softball State Tournaments at various ages and most recently the 2022 Indiana Major Baseball. David has been an instructor for the Central Region Umpires, he umpired the 1992 Major Baseball Central Region Tournament and was bestowed the highest honor a Little League Umpire can receive, when he was named as an umpire for the 1996 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.
Bruce Foltz - Indiana District 6
Bruce calls Muncie, Indiana home. He has been a Little League Volunteer Umpire for 14 years with 24 total years of umpiring experience. Bruce has umpired the following state tournaments.: (2) Minor Boys 8-10 year-old, (1) Major Baseball and (1) Major Softball.
Dan Geitl - Indiana District 8
Dan is a longtime UIC from Indianapolis, Indiana
Dan Lutgring - Indiana District 12
Dan resides in Greenwood, Indiana. He has been a Little League Volunteer for 33 years and 24 as a Little League Umpire. He has served as UIC for 24 years. He is umpiring his tenth Indiana State Tournament. He has umpired numerous teenage state tournaments and the 2019 Major Baseball and 2015 9-11 Baseball State.
Rick Moore - Indiana District 8
Rick lives in Fowler, Indiana. He has been a dedicated Little League Volunteer and Umpire for 33 years, including service as an Assistant District Administrator, UIC and tournament assistant. He has umpired multiple state tournaments and has been afforded some prestigious assignments. Rick umpired the 2006 Major Softball Regional, 2011 and 2012 Junior Softball Regional, 2011 Senior Softball Regional. Rick has been awarded the honor of being a World Series Umpire 3 times: 2007 Major Softball World Series Umpire, 2014 Junior Softball World Series Umpire, and 2018 Senior Softball World Series Umpire!
Ron Signore - Indiana District 14
Ron resides in Mishawaka, Indiana. He has been a Little League Volunteer Umpire for 8 years serving in Tennessee, Ohio and Indiana. He has umpired baseball and softball state tournaments in Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana. Ron umpired the Senior Baseball Regional in the Southeast Region in 2019 and the Central Region Junior Softball Regional last year. Ron has been selected to work the 2023 Junior Softball World Series later this month in Kirkland, Washington.
Don Mason - Indiana District 6
Tournament Umpire Coordinator
Don calls Anderson, Indiana home and has been a Little League Volunteer for 39 years. He has served in various roles in the Little League Program. He has been a Volunteer Umpire for over 30 years. He has umpired state tournaments for all divisions of Little League Softball and Baseball. Don umpired the 2015 Major Baseball Regional, 2017 Major Softball Regional, 2018 Junior Softball Regional for the Central Region, and the 2019 and 2021 Major Softball Little League World Series in Portland, Oregon and Greenville, North Carolina respectively.
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